Genesis – Chapter 12


Verse 1-3 – God spoke to Abram and told him to leave his father.  This is where the blessing is spoken.  God said in Abram all the families of the earth shall be blessed.  Galatians 3:8 – God, Himself, preached the gospel to Abram.  He said you will be a father of all nations before you even have the first child.

Verse 5 – God planned to develop a nation of people He would call His own.  The land of Canaan was the focal point for most of the history of Israel as well as the rise of Christianity.

Verse 7 – Abram built an altar to the Lord.  Altars symbolized communion with God and commemorated notable encounters with Him.  Altars often remained in place for years to remind people of God’s protection and promises.  Building altars helped Abram keep his spirituality and his love for God in remembrance.  When we worship regularly we keep our desires in check with God’s.

Verse 10 – A famine came upon the land.  Abram moved to Egypt where there was plenty, and I believe this was a test of Abram’s faith.

Verse 12 – I believe this was the spirit of discernment on Abram to detect that the Egyptians would kill him and take Sarai because of her beauty.  So he told her to say she was his sister.  Sure enough she was taken into Pharaoh’s house.  Abram was treated well though for her sake.  He saved his own neck.

Verse 17 – You might be saying, “But Abram lied,” and that was wrong to do.  But, you have to remember, Abram was under God’s grace.  The law had not come yet.


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