Book of Proverbs – Chapter 10

Verses 1, 2 – God’s principles for right living bring lasting happiness because they guide us into long-term right behavior in spite of our ever-changing feelings.

Verse 3 – These statements are intended to communicate the general truth that the life of the person who seeks God is better in the long run than the life of the wicked person-a life that leads to ruin. These statements are, in general, truth. In addition, a proverb like this assumes a just government that cares for the poor and needy-the kind of government Israel was intended to have (see Deuteronomy 24:17-22).

Verses 4, 5 – Have you ever drove by a house and see all kinds of trash thrown all around the yard, nothing picked up and then wonder what the inside looks like? God gives us 24 hours each day to be productive. I believe we are to take every opportunity to use the time we have to take care of what He’s given us, work diligently, and be aware of others needs.

Verses 6, 7 – Ever notice the people who have spent their entire lives helping others? Then they pass on and they are honored and missed tremendously. The wicked are remembered too, but not in the same way. When a wicked person dies they are soon forgotten. What kind of legacy are we leaving others?

Verse 12 – This verse says it all. Hatred spewing from others mouths will cause a lot more than strife. But on the other hand, love will produce peace.

Verse 14 – People that get wisdom and understanding from the Lord will store up knowledge. They will make better decisions. But people who have no thought or concept of who God is will end up destroying their own lives.

Verse 18 – By hating another person you may become a liar or a fool. If you try to conceal your hatred you end up lying. If you slander another person and proven wrong, you are a fool. We need to ask God to change our hearts to love others instead of hating.

Verse 19 – The less said the better. Sometimes we dig ourselves a bigger hole if we keep on talking.

Verse 20 – Words from a wise person are valuable. We should look for those who will speak the truth, even when it hurts. Think about the person to whom you choose to go to for advice. What do you expect to hear from them?

Verse 22 – Wealth is a blessing only if we use it in the way God intended. If we all would realize how God has blessed us and use it to help others, we could wipe out poverty.

Verse 24 – The wicked person dreads death. The one who doesn’t believe in God or Jesus Christ, usually fear death. In contrast, believers know they have eternal life with God and should have no fear of death. In this verse you have a clear choice; you can either have fear, or have your desires come true.

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