Book of Proverbs – Chapter 11

Verse 4 – “The day of wrath” refers to when God settles accounts with all people. There will be a judgment day. Each one of us will stand alone to answer for the deeds done in this life. When this time comes your wealth that has been accumulated in your lifetime will have no affect on what God chooses to do, only whether we have accepted and believed in Jesus Christ or not. Do you have a relationship with Him?

Verses 7, 8 – These verses show a strong contrast between two paths. God’s people are not excluded from problems or troubles. But if a person follows God’s wisdom, He can, will and does rescue us. The hope that we have as believers is not false hope. Believer’s hope does not disappoint. Verse 8 says that the wicked’s wickedness comes upon them.

Verses 12 – If you are void of wisdom from God, then you only have worldly wisdom. Most people like this second worldly wisdom. But people who have understanding of this wisdom will hold their speech.

Verse 13 – Plain and simple; someone tells you something in confidence, don’t tell it. Also when you tell someone else’s business, it is not fruit of the spirit.

Verse 14 – A good leader needs and uses wise advisers; after receiving all the facts, weighing the consequences and choosing to follow wise advise, you will make the best decision.

Verse 19 – As believers we study God’s word. Pray and work on having a loving relationship with Jesus Christ and other people. We have assurance that our God is constantly involved in our lives. Jesus Christ promised to give us an abundant life with His death on the cross. I believe when your life is full with the joy that can only come from Jesus, your life will have a more certain destination and purpose. On the other hand, those who don’t have a relationship with Christ will have only self-centered lives that has nothing other than their possessions to hold on to when death comes near.

Verse 21 – This verse is very clear. We may not see it in our life time, but God says the wicked will not go unpunished. But the prosperity of the righteous will be delivered.

Verse 22 – Physical attractiveness without discretion soon wears thin. Not everyone who looks good is pleasant to be around or live with.

Verses 24, 25 – These two verses show God’s way; the world says hold on to what you have so you’ll get richer; God’s way says be generous in helping others in giving and you will be made rich. When you give to others, God supplies even more to give. In addition, giving helps us have a right perspective on our possession. What we have is to be used by God to help others. It is better to give than receive.

Verse 28 – If all you have to trust in is your possessions, you will fail in this life. But like a plant that sprouts new foliage, if you are generous, God will make sure you have plenty to help those in need. I’ve seen this concept work time and time again.

Verse 29 – Bringing troubles on your family, whether through anger or through desire for independence, is foolish because you cut yourself off. Don’t forget if you no longer have a mother, father, siblings, or children, you still have a church family that God has placed you in. They are your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Verse 30 – Are you a soul winner? Do you share your faith with others? Gaining wisdom yourself can be the first step in leading others to Christ. Doing this will enrich your Christian walk.

Verse 31 – Contrary to what some might think no one sins and gets by. The faithful are rewarded and the wicked are punished. See 1Peter 4:18; don’t ever think no one will know or you will never get caught.

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