Genesis – Chapter 14

In this chapter kingdoms started fighting against each other.  The kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled and some fell in asphalt pits.  Five cities, including Sodom, had paid tribute to Chedorlaomer for 12 years.  When these five cities rebelled they stopped paying to this king.  So, Chedorlaomer came after them and captured Lot, his family, and possessions.  When Abram found out about this, he took 318 men and went after them.  Abram defeated them because God came against them also.  Lot didn’t even realize that because of Abram he was protected.

Verses 14-16 – Abram had courage that came from God.  He also had taken time to train his men.  That’s why we, as Christians, need to stay in God’s word so that we can be prepared when the enemy comes against us.  Some think it better to just not get involved.  That doesn’t always work out like that though.  We should be willing to act immediately when others need help.

Verse 18 – Who is Melchizedek?  His name means, “King of peace.”  He was a priest of God Most High.  He recognized God as Creator of heaven and earth.  Melchizedek was a respected king of that region (Salem). Melchizedek was a type of Christ (Hebrews 7:3).  A type is an Old Testament event or teaching that is so closely related to what Christ did that it illustrates a lesson about Christ.   Melchizedek was the appearance on earth of the pre-incarnate Christ in a temporary bodily form.

Verse 20 – Abram gave one-tenth of the booty to Melchizedek.

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