Genesis – Chapter 40

joseph interpetsbutlerand bakerdream

Verses 1-3 – The cup-bearer (chief butler) and the baker were two of the most important and trusted men in Pharaoh’s entire kingdom.  The baker was in charge of Pharaoh’s food.  The cup-bearer, chief butler, tasted all the food and drink before Pharaoh did in case it had been poisoned.  Something must have happened for Pharaoh to stop trusting these two men.  It’s not mentioned what it is here.

Verse 4 – These two men are put into Joseph’s charge in prison, but notice the scripture says Joseph served them.

Verse 5 – Each man dreamed a dream that night and didn’t know what they meant.

Verse 8 – Very plainly written that God is the one who interprets dreams.  Instead of making himself look good, Joseph brought out a very powerful point towards God.  Joseph related this situation to how powerful God was.  This can be done today when we are witnessing.  Inject God into the situation in order to help.

Verses 9-15 – So the chief butler, cup-bearer, tells his dream to Joseph and he tells him in three days that he will be restored to his previous position.  Joseph also told him not to forget to put in a good word for him.  He felt like he had been forgotten.

Verses 16-19 – The chief baker sees forgot about Joseph whom he owed his life to.  It was another two years before Joseph had another opportunity to be freed again. (41:1).


that the butler got a good interpretation, so he told Joseph his dream.  His was not so good.  Joseph told the chief baker that in three days Pharaoh was going to hang him in a tree and the birds were going to eat his flesh. (He must have tried to poison him).

Verses 20-23 – The chief butler was restored, but when all was going well for him he

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