Genesis – Chapter 42

Josephs Brothers come to Egypt

Joseph’s Brothers Visit Egypt

Verses 1, 2 – Grain was a valuable commodity because it was used in nearly everything eaten.  Grain was even used as money.

Verse 4 – Joseph was especially fond of Benjamin because he was his only full brother by Rachel.

Verse 7 – Joseph didn’t reveal his identity to his brothers, at this time, because he wanted to test them and see if they were still evil.

Verses 8, 9 – Joseph was boastful to his brothers when he was young in telling them of his dream where they bowed to him.  Now, as a man, he refrained from telling them, “I told you so.”

Verse 15 – Joseph had to make sure his brothers were not as cruel to Benjamin as they had been to him.  This was a test.

Verse 22 – You know that old saying, “What goes around, comes around?”  Well, Reuben couldn’t resist reminding his brothers that he told them not to do this thing to Joseph.  Now we are being punished.

Verses 24-38 – Joseph still gave them grain, supplies that would feed their families, but it tore him up inside.  God had done a mighty work in maturing Joseph over the years.  Our God will do the same in us right in the middle of our mess.

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