Genesis – Chapter 43

Joshphs brothers go a second time

Joseph’s Brothers’ Second Journey To Egypt

Verse 1 – Jacob couldn’t see the full plan unfolding before him of God sending all of them to Egypt, first to be kept from starving to death, and, second, to reunite with his son.  If you are praying for relief from suffering and pressure, remember God is lining everything up to have the best outcome to accomplish His purpose for your life.  Try to go through it without complaining.

Verse 9 – Judah accepted full responsibility for Benjamin’s safety.  In the end, it was Judah’s words that caused Joseph to break down (44:18-34).  When you have been given a responsibility to accomplish, do it well.  It will build character, confidence and respect from others.

Verse 11 – These gifts of balm, honey, spices, myrrh, pistachio nuts and almonds were highly valuable and were not common in Egypt.

Verse 12 – Guard your integrity.  Some months later when they were out of supplies and Jacob sent them back to Egypt, he sent money for the supplies they would need plus pay for previous supplies.  Don’t compromise your reputation.

Verse 23 – Take note that the steward gave credit to their God.

Verse 32 – The Egyptians had a cast system so Joseph ate alone.  As a Hebrew, Joseph could not eat with the Egyptians even though he outranked them.  His brothers were lower in rank than any Egyptian citizens, so they had to eat separately too.


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