Book of Proverbs – Chapter 31

The Words of King Lemuel

Verses 4-7 – Drunkenness might be excusable for someone who is dying, but for a leader of a nation it is disastrous. Alcohol clouds the mind and perverts thinking. When intoxicated, you will do things and say things you might not do if sober.

Verses 10-31 – These verses describe a wise woman. It describes them as having strong character, great wisdom, many skills, and great compassion. Her strength does not come from her achievements. They are a result of her reverence for God. Notice her appearance is never mentioned. The attractiveness comes from her character. Don’t try to imitate her in all these aspects; your days are not long enough. We should look at her instead as an inspiration to be all you can be through Jesus Christ. I hope this Book of Proverbs has shown you how to become wise and make good decisions and live according to God. I sure wish I’d had read it when I was younger.

This concludes the book of Proverbs. Don’t forget to read one for each day. They will bring you wisdom.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 30

These are the words of Agur the son of Jakeh

Verse 1 – Nothing is known of Agur except that he was a wise teacher who may have been from Lemuel’s Kingdom. Lemuel was a king who received wise teaching from his mother. His name means “Devoted to God.” It is believed that both Agur and Lemuel might have been from the kingdom of Massa in Northern Arabia.

Verses 2 – 4 – Our God is all-knowing. His wisdom is infinite. I believe the Psalmist was comparing his knowledge to the wisdom of God. That’s why he said he was stupid and without understanding (him, not God).

Verse 4 – Compare these questions with the questions God asked Job (Job 38-41). Colossians 1:16, 17, says that through Christ the world was created.

Verse 5, 6 – Have you ever heard someone miss-quote the word of God to suit or to justify what they are doing? Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:32, says “don’t add to or take anything away from what God has commanded.” God’s words are true and pure. I personally feel like I need to correct them so they will know what it really says. If you’re not sure what His word says, look it up.

Verse 7-9 – Having too much money without the wisdom to accompany it, can be dangerous. But being too poor is also as hazardous to spiritual as well as to physical health. Paul said in Philippians 4:12, we can learn to be satisfied in whatever situation he finds himself in. If you’re too poor you might be tempted to steal or be stingy, always trying to hold on to what you have. We have to learn to be generous and God says He will supply all our needs.

Verse 11-14 – These verses apply to those who get a prideful attitude and look down on those who are less fortunate. It’s the “I deserve generation.” Verses 15, 16 -, What is the function of a leech? It sucks the blood out of a living organism. Where is the life of something? It’s in the blood.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 29

Verse 1 – When people’s necks are hardened, it’s another way of saying “stiff necked”. God uses this phrase several times to describe the Israelite’s throughout the Old Testament.  This is repeating the same mistake over and over. The mistake is refusing Gods invitation or rejecting Jesus Christ.

Verse 2 – This verse can cover any area; church; employee; or government. When the wicked are in authority, people are oppressed.

Verse 11 – We don’t have to tell how we feel about people or things to everyone all the time. Sometimes it’s just best to keep silent.

Verse 13 – God sees and judges both, and His judgment falls on those whose greed or power drives them to oppress the poor.

Verse 15 – Kind, firm correction helps children learn. Parents often grow weary of constant correction. We’ve all seen how children act or even grow up to act when left with no discipline.

Verse 16 – In a church, a business, a family, or government doing what’s right comes from the top. When the wicked are in leadership, sin prevails. People have the attitude of “well if they can do it and get by with it, so can I.”

Verse 18 – “Revelation” refers to words from God, received by prophets. When people are ignorant of Gods word, crime and sin run ramped. In order for nations and individuals to function well, they must know the word of God.

Verse 25 – Fear can do many things to people. Fear of other people can even cause some to never leave their house. However, trust, respect and reverence of God can be liberating. God can turn any harm intended for us, into good for us.

Verse 26 – We have all at times needed for someone to show us favor. But true justice can only come from the Lord.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 28

Verse 2 – Each person’s selfishness will affect others. A selfish employee, who steals from his employer, breaks down productivity; a selfish drunk driver may take an innocent life; a selfish spouse committing adultery will break up 2 families. When enough people live only for themselves, without considering the consequences for others, it can break down an entire nation.

Verse 5 – A good way to tell if a person is following God is if they treat others justly. The beginning of justice is concern for what is happening to others. A Christian cannot be indifferent to human suffering because God isn’t.

Verse 9 – What closes Gods ears to prayer is not the depth of our sin, but it’s a secret intention to do it again.

Verse 11 – If a poor man has the teaching and understanding of God, then he has something that can’t be taken away. The rich can lose all their material wealth and be left destitute because that is all they have.

Verse 13 – What good is making a mistake or sinning if you don’t learn from it? You have to acknowledge it first. First admit it, confess it and then make sure you don’t do it again. Everybody makes mistakes, but only fools repeat them. Can you admit you were wrong? God shows mercy to those who admit their mistakes.

Verses 17, 18 – Sometimes a person’s guilt will drive them into depression or even suicide if they are not willing to repent.

Verse 26 – A wise person depends on God.

Verse 27 – God wants us to identify with the needy, not ignore them. When you give, you will be blessed. Paul promises that God will supply all our needs (Philippians 4:19); God usually does this through other people.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 27

Regulating Various Activities

Verse 1 – Boasting about what you intend to do in the coming days is a little stronger than just making simple plans.

Verse 2 – People get tired of listening to someone singing their own praises. Others can see a spirit of pride all over it.

Verse 6 – A friend who has your best interest at heart may have to give you unpleasant advice a times. An enemy on the other hand may tell you to go ahead and do it and then sit back and watch you ruin yourself (Matt 26:49).

Verse 10 – People who have given you good counsel in the past are the ones you should go to for advice in the future.

Verses 15, 16 – Nagging and complaining continually is a good form of slow torture; always getting advice from someone whom you didn’t ask is another torture. Nagging hinders communication more than it helps. When you see this coming, ask yourself; what’s my motive; am I set on getting my way and being right; or am I really concerned about helping that person? Patience and loving words will go a long way.

Verse 17 – Two friends can help themselves become sharp. People who focus on the ideas without focusing on their egos in a discussion will be worthwhile to be around.

Verse 18 – People who stand beside others to see that a job gets done, need to be included in the success. We should not forget the people who helped us reach our goals.

Verse 21 – This verse speaks of integrity. Our attitude towards the praise from others will show our true character. People of high integrity will do what’s right whether anyone gives them praise for it or not.

Verse 23-27 – Thinking ahead is a duty, not an option for Gods people. Taking responsibility with your home, family and vocation shows good stewardship over the things God has blessed you with.

Book of Proverbs – Chapter 26

Relationships with Fools

Verse 2 – “An undeserved curse” means that it has no effect.

Verses 4, 5 – We shouldn’t take a foolish person seriously and try to reason with his or her empty arguments. This will only make them proud or determined o win the argument. In some cases, don’t even answer them. But then in other cases you should answer to expose their pride or folly.

Verse 7 – In the mouth of a fool, a proverb is as good as a paralyzed leg. Some people are so blind to the word of God, that they won’t see any wisdom from reading proverbs.

Verse 8 – Sometimes when you’re in a group and maybe one person causes discord or dissension, the leader will try to give them a position. This usually doesn’t work. It’s like putting a stone in a sling it can swing back at you and hurt you.

Verse 9 – When you are pricked by a thorn, there is instant pain; you stop, and remove the thorn before it can move into the flesh. A drunk however may not feel the thorn until it has already moved into the flesh. Similarly, a fool may not feel the sting of a proverb when it can affect his life. Instead he will apply it to everyone else he sees rebelling. Look at the proverb in contrast to your own life.

Verse 11 – This verse is used often by those who when they see someone, time and time again get out of one mess and before long return to the same mess.

Relationships with Sluggards

Verses 13-16 – Excuses are often used by those who are unwilling to work. The less you do the less you want to do. To overcome laziness, start taking a few small steps toward changing. Pray for strength and persistence. Stop making excuses.

Verses 17 – Grabbing a dog in a harmful way by the ears, is a good way to get bit. Getting involved in an argument that is not yours, could put your life in jeopardy. If you have to get involved, then wait until they are done arguing.

Verse 19 – Have you ever known a person who says hurtful things and then says “I was only joking?” The Bible says “don’t do it”. That’s wrong.

Verse 20 – Talking about every little irritation or gossiping only keeps the irritation going. It’s like adding fuel to the fire. Refusing to complain or gossip cuts the fuel line. Is there someone you know who continually irritates you? Stop complaining about them and see if the irritation dies down.

Verses 24-26 – Some people have a way of disguising their hatred with kind words when it seems fitting. The hatred they have in their heart will eventually come out of their mouths.

Genesis – Chapter 33

Jacob meats Esau

Verses 1-3 – Jacob was anxious as to how Esau would receive him.  So, he put the maidservants and their children out front.  Then he placed Leah and hers, and then Rachel and Joseph.  This showed great partiality.

Verse 4 – Time away from each other had healed the old wounds of bitterness.  They ran to one another and hugged.

Verse 11 – Jacob had sent gifts ahead to Esau, but Esau had already forgiven Jacob.

Verses 14-17 – When they parted this time they were brothers and friends again.  Jacob went to Succoth and built a house, then traveled to Shechem and built an altar unto the Lord.

Genesis – Chapter 32

Jacob wressels with the Angel

Verse 1 – Angels met Jacob which showed Jacob that the Lord was with him.  Although angels often came in human form, these must have looked different because Jacob recognized them at once.

Verse 3 – Jacob must have been afraid of how Esau was going to receive him because he sent gifts with the servants before him.

Verses 8-12 – Jacob started dividing the family and servants he had with him so if some were attacked the others could escape.  If you knew that you had stolen someone’s inheritance, and one day you would have to face the one you stole it from, would you not be scared to death?  I believe it would be harder for the one who had been cheated out of their inheritance to forgive them.  You forgive to benefit yourself.  If you let bitterness take root it can lead to destroying everyone around you.  So you say, “What do I do?”  We pray!  Jacob prayed that God would guide him.  Even though God had blessed Jacob, he still called himself, servant to Esau.

Verses 24-26 – This wrestling match continued all night until Jacob received his blessing.  Where in your spiritual life do you need persistence?  Strong character develops as you struggle through tough situations.

Verse 27 – Some have said this angel was the Lord, but if it was, why didn’t he know Jacob’s name?  I believe it was the highest of ranking angels.

Verses 27-29 – By changing one’s name in Bible times, showed how God had changed their life.  Jacob’s name was changed from the “deceiver” to Israel “one who struggles with God and overcomes.”  I suppose that could be my answer for who was the angel – the Lord or was it a spokesman for the Lord?

Genesis – Chapter 31

Labon chaces Jacob

Verses 1, 2 – Laban’s sons became jealous.  To compare our success with that of others is a dangerous way to judge the quality of our lives.  Don’t do it.  You will give jealousy a foothold (Romans 12:15).

Verses 4-13 – God’s powers are not limited by lack of fair play.  He has the ability to meet our needs all the while someone is mistreating us.  God told Jacob to leave Haran and return to his homeland.  Jacob crossed the Euphrates River and headed first for the hill country of Gilead.  This is where Laban caught up with him.

Verses 14, 15 – Laban had treated Leah and Rachel as harsh as he treated Jacob, so it wasn’t hard for them to leave.  Laban never gave them the dowry that Jacob had worked for 14 years.  Thus, they both approved of taking the wealth Jacob had accumulated with them and leaving.

Verse 19 – These little idols kept in the home, supposedly to protect it or draw advice from, were called “Teraphim.”  Whoever possessed them could claim the biggest part of an inheritance.  Rachel took Laban’s maybe because she didn’t want Laban to use it to find them, or that she would receive the biggest part of Laban’s inheritance.

Verse 32 – When Laban caught up with them, Jacob was so sure no one had stolen the idol that he vowed to kill anyone who might have.

Verses 38-42 – Making a habit of doing more than is expected can pay off: 1) It pleases God, 2) Earnings and recognition, 3) It enhances your reputation, 4) It builds confidence in you, 5) Gives you more experience and knowledge, and 6) Develops your spiritual maturity.

Verse 49 – In order to make an agreement binding, you needed a third person.  Jacob and Laban used God as their witness.

Genesis – Chapter 30

Jacob and all his sons

Verses 1-3 – Rachel and Leah were locked in a contest to see who could have the most children.  Although this was the custom to give your husband your handmaidens, it wasn’t very smart.  Sarah did it.  Rebekah did it.  And now Rachel did it.  The fact that something is accepted as custom of the day doesn’t make it right.  Is what you are doing going to affect those around you?  In what way?  Are you doing anything now that will give you future problems?  These are the list of sons by Jacob and the order in which they were born:  1) Zilpah – Leah’s maidservant – Gad and Asher, 2) Leah – Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Issachar, Zebulun, and a daughter, Dinah, 3) Rachel – Joseph and Benjamin, and 4) Bilhah – Rachel’s maidservant – Dan and Naphtali.  These are the 12 tribes of Israel.  Judah is the tribe from which our Lord Jesus Christ would descend from and Levi would become the chosen Royal priesthood.

Verse 27 – Laban thought his divination had brought him all this favor.

Verses 37-43 – God’s promise of provision was the main reason Jacob’s flocks increased.