Genesis – Chapter 44

Joseph's brothers accused of stealing cup

Verse 2 – The silver cup was a sign of Joseph’s authority.  To steal it was a serious crime.  These goblets were used for predicting the future.  Joseph didn’t need this cup because God told him everything he needed to know about the future.

Verse 13 – This tearing of the clothes showed deep sorrow.  The brothers were terrified that Benjamin might be harmed.

Verse 15 – Joseph did not practice divination.  He just wanted to emphasize how important this cup was.

Verses 16-32 – Something had happened within Judah to have changed from being mean and ill spirited toward Joseph to wanting to die for the sake of protection of his father and Benjamin.  Always remember, God can do a work to change even the most selfish person you know.  Judah stepped forward and pleaded for mercy.  Yes, there are times when we should keep silent, but there are also times when you need to speak up even if there are serious repercussions.

Verses 32, 33 – Accepting a responsibility means carrying it out with determination and courage, regardless of the personal sacrifice.  Joseph wanted to see if his brothers had changed from the way he once knew them.

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