Genesis – Chapter 45

Jacob finds out Joseph is alive

Verses 1-8 – Even though what Joseph’s brothers did was evil and hurtful, God used it to fulfill His plan.  God had used Joseph to go before them to preserve lives, save Egypt, and begin the nation of Israel.  When others do evil against you, remember they are God’s tools in accomplishing God’s purpose.  They intended it to harm, but God used it for the good and bigger purpose.

Verses 17-20 – All the things Joseph’s brothers had done to him did not cause him not to forgive them.  Even though we sin against God, He still forgives us and showers us with blessings.

Verses 26-28 – Jacob had a hard time believing that Joseph was not only alive but in charge second only to Pharaoh in all of Egypt.  Good news can be hard to believe, but don’t ever give up hope that God has a wonderful future in store for you.

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