Genesis – Chapter 46

Jacob and family living in Goshen

Jacob’s family is now safe in Egypt

Verses 1-4 – The Israelite’s did become a great nation.  (The book of Exodus recounts the story of their slavery.)  After that, they return to the land of Canaan.  God told Jacob to take his family and go to this strange land and He would take care of him.  It’s okay to have a little anxiety when you’re in a new or strange situation, but don’t let fear paralyze you.  That shows you don’t really trust God in the choice He has made for you.  Jacob never returned to Canaan.  This promise was for his descendants.

Verses 31-34 – The Egyptians could not tolerate shepherds living among them.  So, Joseph told them to be sure and let Pharaoh know what their occupation was.  This also kept them separate to worship God freely.  Pharaoh blessed them and gave them Goshen to dwell in.

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