Genesis – Chapter 47

Jacob living prosperous

Verses 1-6 – We are starting to see the rewards of Joseph’s faithfulness.  There was no complaining or grumbling throughout all that Joseph went through.  God honors faithfulness.

Verses 9-21 – Jacob blesses Pharaoh and the famine starts to become severe.  When the people started running out of money to buy grain, they started giving Pharaoh their land.  Joseph brought it all into Pharaoh’s house.

Verse 22 – Pharaoh gave the priest what they needed and did not take their land.  Joseph would give the people seed to grow their crops, but they had to give Pharaoh One-fifth.  They were grateful because Joseph had saved their lives.

Verses 27, 28 – The Israelite’s lived in the land of Goshen and started to greatly multiply.  (Don’t forget that God had changed Jacob’s name to Israel.)  Jacob was there seventeen years but was 147 years old when he died.

Verses 29-31 – Jacob did not want to be buried in Egypt.  So he made his son’s promise.  This placing the hand under the thigh was a sign of a binding contract.  Christians today are to let their words always speak the truth and let them be binding.  Too often we hear, “I didn’t really mean that.”

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