Genesis – Chapter 50

Jacob dies

Verse 1 – Jacob died at the age of 147.  Joseph wept and mourned for months.  When someone is mourning the death of someone we are to allow them to work through their grief by being compassionate and helpful.  Everyone is different in the amount of time it takes to go through this grief.  Be patient and watch what you say.

Verses 2, 3 – Jacob’s family allowed them to embalm as a sign of courtesy and respect to Egyptians.  The Egyptians embalmed because they believed it prepared the body for the next life in the world to come.

Verse 5 – Joseph had proven his trustworthiness to Pharaoh.  Privilege and freedom often result when we have demonstrated trustworthiness.  Trust is built over time.  It usually starts in small areas.

Verses 12, 13 – Abraham had purchased the cave in Machpelah as the burial-place for Sarah (23:1-9).  Their desire to be buried in this cave expressed their faith in God’s promise to give their descendants the land of Canaan.

Verses 15-21 – Joseph forgives his brothers completely.  Just as God forgives us when we don’t deserve it, we need to forgive others.  God brought good from Joseph’s brother’s evil.  This experience taught Joseph that God brings good from evil for those who trust Him.  God can and does overrule people’s intentions to bring about His intended results!


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