Exodus – Chapter 5

Moses goes before Pharoah

Pharaoh Rejects Moses

Verses 1, 2 – Egypt had many gods, but Pharaoh had never heard of this God of Israel. Pharaoh wasn’t the least bit worried of who their God was nor did he intend to obey Him.

Verses 4-9 – Evidently the Hebrews knew that Moses and Aaron were going before the Pharaoh in their behalf so they were not working. They were waiting for an answer. Pharaoh had no respect for their God because he didn’t know Him. The result was more hardship for the Hebrews. Sometimes we do suffer for doing the right thing. Obeying God is not always easy. We have to remember, we live in an evil world and there really are people who hate God’s people and His ways. Straw with mud made the bricks stronger, but now Pharaoh withheld the straw; made them find their own and still wanted the same quota as well.

Israel Rejects Moses

Verses 15-21 – The foremen were caught in the middle. First they tried to get the Hebrews to work harder by beating them, and then they went before Pharaoh who gave no compassion. Last they turned on Moses and Aaron. When pressure surrounds you from all sides, go to God. He has all the answers and has a divine purpose in every situation.

Verses 22, 23 – This may be hard to swallow as a Christian, but sometimes we are not delivered immediately. James 1:2-4, tells us to be encouraged when difficulties come. Why? Because your faith is going to be tested. The testing of your faith produces patience. Patience for what? (1) Patience to trust God for the best for you,(2) Patience to still honor God while in that situation, (3)Patience to remember God has not abandon you, (4)Patience in believing the end result will be God’s best for you. James says let patience have its perfect work, that you, (we) will be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing! Do you realize what James was saying? After you have been tested; testing of your faith can mean, things go from bad to worse; it will produce patience on waiting (without complaining) on God to complete His purpose and when this patience has been perfected, you will be lacking in nothing. In these last two verses of chapter 5, Moses goes before God and complains again. Oh but wait; did God not tell him before hand that Pharaoh was not going to just let his people go on the first request?

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