Exodus – Chapter 10


Eighth Plague: Locusts

Verses 1, 2 – What you tell your children about God and what He has done in your life will be the foundation on which causes your children to believe. Throughout your life there will be times when God made a way when there seemed to be no way. Tell them those things.

Verse 3 – A spirit of pride was on Pharaoh. He would not humble himself to God’s request.

Verse 4 – Swarms of locusts are still dreaded in Africa. They consume all vegetation in sight. This was going to be the worst swarms of locusts Egypt had ever had.

Verse 7 – These officials blamed Moses for their trouble. They also knew if Pharaoh didn’t let them go there would be more trouble to come.

Verses 8-11 – Pharaoh had Moses and Aaron brought back in to prolong the plague by arguing with them. Didn’t work.

Verses 16-20 – Pharaoh didn’t waist any time calling Moses and Aaron back this time. He knew that what the hail had not destroyed the locusts would. Then here he goes again with his fake repentance.

Ninth Plague: Darkness

Verses 21-23 – The Israelite’s had asked for a 3 day journey to go worship. It seems appropriate that the Egyptians should be in darkness for 3 days. But not the Hebrews. They had plenty of light. Pharaoh was said to be the son of the Egyptian sun-god, “Amon-Re.” The Egyptians saw that their gods were no match for a living God of the Hebrews. There’s a great lesson we as Christians can learn from reading about these plagues in the Old Testament. God wants us to know that there is a distinction between those who follow Christ and those who don’t. Our faith and trust belong to the One who controls everything.

Verse 24 – Pharaoh wanted to remain in control. He knew if he kept the livestock that the Hebrews would have to return, but he had forgotten; the Hebrews needed their livestock for sacrifices.

Verses 27-29 – The Hebrews had become free labor for Pharaoh. This was too great an asset for him to just let go. At this point, Pharaoh was done bargaining. Moses and Aaron did see Pharaoh again but secretly (Exodus 12:31).

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