Exodus – Chapter 11

Moses in front of Pharaoh the last time

Tenth Plague: Death Announced

Verses 1-2 – The Hebrews basically were going to plunder the Egyptians. The Hebrews has been plundered for almost 400 years. But there was a greater purpose in asking for these articles from the Egyptians. God gave this favor to the Hebrews.

Verse 7 – Moses reminded Pharaoh that his God made a distinction between Egypt and Israel. The Hebrews only saw the distinction between slavery and freedom. Later on they would be taught laws, principles, and values that would make a difference in being God’s people. God sees us in terms of what we will become and not just what we are right now.

Verses 9, 10 – As we have read about all these plagues we may wonder how Pharaoh could be so stubborn. Pharaoh had made his mind up from the first plague. He couldn’t believe that anyone or anything could be greater than himself. This stubborn unbelief led to his hardened heart. We don’t want a great calamity to drive us to God, but must be open in our hearts and minds to His direction now and maybe we can avoid these calamities.


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