Exodus – Chapter 8

Plauge of frogs

Second Plague: Frogs

Verses 1-14 – I can’t find where the water was changed back, so maybe it was still blood when the frogs came up out of it. The frogs covered the land, meaning in their houses also, and they stank. Everything is stinking now, blood and the frogs.

Verse 15 – Because of Pharaoh’s stubbornness, his people were suffering. We see this in today’s society also. Leaders live in lavishness of wealth while the people who pay their salaries live in poverty. While persistence is good, stubbornness is usually self-centered. Stubbornness towards God is always disobedience. Watch out because the consequences from this can spill onto others. It’s not just about you.

Third Plague: Lice

Verses 16, 17 – God made all the dust in the land turn into lice. Some Bible scholars say these lice could have been gnats, fleas, mosquitoes, or ticks. I believe they were exactly what God said they were-lice.

Verses 18, 19 – The unintelligent magicians tried to duplicate this act of God, but could not. Why would they want to? They realized this must be “the finger of God.” Too many people today say “If I could just see a miracle, then I will believe God.” This concept blinds them to the exact miracle they are asking for; a life changed by faith in Jesus Christ.

Fourth Plague: Flies

Verse 20 – The water must have been cleared up at some point because God told Moses to meet Pharaoh at the water the next morning where He knew Pharaoh would be.

Verses 22, 23 – Starting with the fourth plague (flies) and all that follow, God would distinguish His people from Pharaoh’s people in order to give knowledge of His sovereign presence. Goshen was in the northeastern part of Egypt. This land was excellent pasture for Israel’s live stock.

Verses 25-29 – Pharaoh thinks he is still in charge by saying, “I’ll let you go sacrifice to your God, but don’t go very far.” When it comes to obeying God, halfheartedness won’t work. The Hebrews had to go far enough away where the Egyptians wouldn’t see them sacrifice animals that they held sacred. Moses was concerned about this.

Verse 32 – Have you or have you known others who as soon as they get what they want or have prayed for, put God on the back burner? They forget where their blessing came from. They forget to continue in faith. They believe the blessing came because of their good performance. They will come to God again at another time, but they forget to give honor where honor is due. Moses got rid of the fleas, so Pharaoh reneged on his part.

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