Exodus – Chapter 9


Fifth Plague: Disease on the Beast

Verse 1 – By this time, Moses may have grown tired of going before Pharaoh, but he continued to obey God. Don’t give up when difficult circumstances arise in your life. There will be times when we have to face the same thing again and again, but you will discover, that persistence is rewarded.

Verse 4 – Here again, God made a difference between His people and the Egyptians. Nothing would come on the livestock of the Hebrew. Do you know that when you are God’s child that you are shielded from the things of this world? It may not look like it sometimes, but as Christians, we don’t walk through this life by sight! What we see sometimes is in contradiction to what God says about us. We walk by faith in believing God will make it right.

Sixth Plague: Boils on Man and Beast

Verses 10, 11 – Notice that Moses and Aaron stood before Pharaoh, but the magicians could not stand before Moses. The magicians were finished and are not mentioned again in Exodus.

Verse 12 – God gave Pharaoh many opportunities to heed Moses warnings. Warnings from God should be taken very seriously. When something (as in Pharaohs heart) becomes hard, things have an impossibility of penetrating it. God did not override Pharaohs free will. Pharaoh chose to resist God. Sometimes people use the excuse that they are waiting for the right time to turn to God, but the longer they resist His calling, the harder their hearts become and they don’t know it. This is a very scary place to be. If you continue to do so there will come a time when you won’t hear His voice at all any more.

Seventh Plague: Hail

Verses 13-19 – God could have easily just wiped out the Egyptians, but God wanted to show them “there is none like Me!”

Verses 20, 21 – All of the previous plagues must not have wiped out all the livestock. Maybe it stopped before all was destroyed.

Verses 27-34 – Pharaoh did not truly repent. Neither do we, when our actions don’t follow what our words have said. Sometimes people are only sorry at that moment for the way their life is going but within a very short time they have returned to their own way of doing things. True repentance is a total and complete turn-around of doing and thinking.

Verses 31-35 – Now their food source is struck. Pharaoh is a goner by now. No turning back. He is willing to let this Mighty God of Israel come against everything just so he can say that he is in charge.

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