Exodus – Chapter 39

It is finished

Verses 30, 31 – This final headdress served as a kind of finishing label for everything they had made, all marked as belonging to the Lord.

Verse 32 – I’ve heard people, even pastors say, “Don’t worry about the details.” I have to differ with that statement when it pertains to the things of God. If you have read all these verses and realized every detail that God instructed then you will know that God cares very much about details. Look what He does when He gives an assignment; He gives the gifts and abilities to people; and He gives more than enough supply for it to be accomplished. God is interested in the small things going on in our lives. Don’t ever think something is too small or that you are bothering God with it. It can be these small details that will accomplish the big things for God when they all come together. Look at Matthew 10:30, who but a loving God would know the number of hairs on your head?

Verse 42 – Moses had learned his management lesson well. He gave important responsibilities to others and then trusted them to do the job. Great leaders like Moses give plans and directions while letting others participate as a team.

Verse 43 – Moses inspected the finished work and saw that it was done the way God wanted. A good leader will follow-up by telling those who worked that they are appreciated. Moses did this by blessing the people for their good work.

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