Exodus – Chapter 40

Last pic of Exodus

The Israelite’s had left Egypt at the middle of the first month of the year; the tabernacle was erected two weeks before the first anniversary of their exodus. At the start of the month, they marked the beginning of their second year of freedom and nine months after their arrival at Mount Sinai.

Verses 34, 35 – The Lord was revealing Himself to His redeemed people at this meeting place. When Jesus was crucified, God’s glory left the temple because God no longer needed to have a physical building after Jesus rose from the dead. God’s temple now is His church, the body of believers.

Verse 38 – Exodus begins in gloom and ends in glory. This parallels our progress through the Christian life. We begin as slaves to sin, are redeemed by God, and end our journey living with Jesus forever. These lessons the Israelite’s learned along the way, we too can learn.

I hope you have enjoyed the Book of Exodus as much as I have. Please don’t skip the books that follow. God gives us wonderful insight as to what to expect from Him, for He is an awesome God. What He has done for others, He will do for you. We only have to believe!

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