Leviticus – Chapter 21

Leviticus chapter 21


Verses 1-24 – The standard of holiness was set higher for the priest. These leaders were held to a higher standard in matters such as mourning, marriage, and family. This concept parallels the New Testament where church leaders such as elders, bishops, and deacons are all held to higher standards (James 3:1).

Verses 16-23 – Was God discriminating against the handicapped? Just as God required no imperfect animal be sacrificed He required no handicapped priest offer a sacrifice. This was not meant as discrimination rather, it had to do with the fact that the priest must match as closely as possible the perfect God he served. Such perfection was not fully realized until Jesus Christ came. As Levites, the handicapped priest were protected and supported with food from the sacrifices. They were not abandoned because they still performed many essential services within the tabernacle

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