Leviticus – Chapter 24


Oil for the Lamps

You might be asking; why is all this important for me to know? Throughout the Bible you’re going to find these festivals mentioned. They all have special meaning to God’s character. In Jesus day during the time of Passover there was a lot going on and if you stay in a state of confusion about certain terms being used, you will miss the deeper meaning of why Christ came.

Verse 1-4 – This lamp stand was the seven-branched menorah that lighted the Holy Place of the tabernacle. The light represented God’s presence. Jesus affirmed He was the “light of the world.”

The Show bread

Verses 5-9 – These 12 loaves were called “the bread of Presence.” They represented; God’s provision; the 12 tribes of Israel; and they pointed to the totality of God’s provision throughout the years in the wilderness. Jesus affirmed He was the “Bread of Life” satisfying those who were spiritually hungry.

Verses 10-16 – The punishment for cursing God may seem extreme to us, but it shows how serious God expected them to take their relationship with Him. There are those who use His name in swearing or act as though He doesn’t exist, but God will have the last word. When this happens in my presence I say “woe, that’s my Father I pray to, how about having a little respect in front of me.”

Verses 17-22 – This was a code for Judges to go by. It was not an endorsement for personal vengeance. In effect, it was saying that the punishment should fit the crime. But not go beyond.

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