Numbers – Chapter 31

Numbers chapter 31
Destruction of the Midianites
The Midianites were descendants of Abraham through his second wife Keturah. However, in spite of this the Midianites were bitter enemies to the Israelites.
Verses 14-16 – the Midianites were responsible for enticing Israel into Baal worship. God commanded Israel to destroy them. If you take the story of Balaam alone, it would make us think that he was an honest and God-fearing man. This was not the case.
Verses 25-30 – A portion of the spoils were to be given to the priest from the men who went to war. The second portion was to go to the congregation. They still had plenty among themselves. Everything we possess either directly or indirectly comes from God. We return a portion to him and give another portion to those in need.
Verses 48-50 – Not one of Israel’s men had been lost in battle. We should be quick to thank God every time we are delivered.

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