Numbers – Chapter 33

Numbers chapter 33
Verse 2 – Moses recorded their spiritual as well as geographic progress. This is a good idea to do even today. If you keep a journal, it may show your growth and areas you don’t want to repeat.
Verses 50-53 – Just as God told the Israelites to get rid of the wicked inhabitants of the promise land we are to do the same in our lives such as destructive habits and practices not becoming of a Christian (Colossians 3).
Verses 50-56 – God wanted every trace of idol worship wiped out. If anything pagan were allowed to stand, it would cause the Israelites to compromise. God warned them that if they didn’t completely destroy the people, that later on they would become thorn in their flesh. They needed to be completely obedient in this. Things that we hang onto after becoming a believer in Christ that we know are not beneficial can become an irritation to our lives also.

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