Deuteronomy – Chapter 16

chapter 16
Verse 1 – The month of Abib (meaning “ears of grain”) was early spring. This is the Passover, between March and April. This festival commemorated the deliverance of Israel from the tenth plague in Egypt. It began on the 14th day of Abib and continued through the 21st as the Festival of Unleavened Bread was carried out (Exodus 12:17-20).
Verse 3 – The bread of affliction symbolized the duress under which Israel lived as slaves in Egypt and the fast way they escaped with the Egyptian army on their heels. God said the Israelite’s were to continue this observance all of their life. The church also is commanded by the Lord Jesus to eat the communion bread and drink the cup “in remembrance” of Him (1 Corinthians 11:24, 25). We as believers are to do this in remembrance of the great and perfect sacrifice Jesus accomplished at the cross. The blood that He shed for the remission of our sin should never be forgotten.
Verses 16, 17 – Three times a year every male was to make the journey to the sanctuary and give a portion to God with what He had blessed them with. Some people never grasp this concept. God gives us generously and then we in turn give back to him a portion of what He has given us. To some the 10% may be a burden, but for others that may be too little. Whatever you give, is to be done with a cheerful heart. Look at what you have and then give in proportion to what you have been given. God will and does make what is left go a lot further.
Verses 18-20 – Don’t you wish judges, presidents or leaders were appointed with God’s wisdom and compassion? Failure to elect or appoint leaders who uphold justice leads to corruption. Do you see this in our society today?


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