Deuteronomy – Chapter 17

chapter 17
Verse 1 – This verse is in comparison to giving God the leftovers today. When people do this it shows, God is not the center of their lives. We should give God the honor of having first claim on our money, time, and talents.
Verse 5 – To worship false gods was an act of high treason, punishable by death.
Verse 6, 7 – To accuse a person of idolatry, the accusers had to be an eyewitness. One person may have misunderstood what they saw, but if 2 or 3 witnessed the act, they were to be taken outside the city gates and stoned. Here’s the interesting thing; the person who accused first had to throw the first stone. This would cause them to maybe think twice and make sure they had seen what they said they saw.
Verses 8, 9 – In the theocracy of Old Testament, Israel’s sin and crime were one and the same.
Law of Administration of the King
Verses 14, 15 – God was actually against Israel having a king, because He was their King. However, God told them they would soon want a king like other nations had when they were settled in the promise land.
Verses 16, 17 – When the time came that Israel wanted a king; God said He would do the choosing. He was very clear about the king resisting the urge to accumulate riches for themselves. Israel’s kings didn’t heed God’s advice and it led to their downfall. Solomon started out with a right heart towards God, but when he became rich, built up a large army, and married many wives, his heart turned away from God (1 Kings 11). Out of Solomon’s sin came Israel’s disobedience, division, and captivity.
Verse 18-20 – The King was to be appointed by God and a man of God’s word. He also was (1) to have a copy of the law, (2) keep it with him all the time, (3) read from it every day, and (4) obey it completely. Through this process, the king would learn to respect God and himself from feeling more important than others feel, and avoid ignoring God in times of prosperity. Today we have access to the Bible.


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