Deuteronomy – Chapter 18

chapter 18
The priests and Levites served much in the same function as our ministers do today. (1) Teach the people about God, (2) they set an example of right living, (3) they care for the house of God and the workers and, (4) they decide where and how the offerings go. Our ministers should be paid. Our pastors should not be expected to attend every single, wedding, funeral, hospital visit or home visit. They delegate to godly men and women to attend to the flock. We are to honor our leaders. They defiantly need to be compensated for in their work.
Verse 10 – God (Leviticus 20:2-5) forbade Child sacrifices and occult practices. These pagan nations sacrificed their children to the god Molech. Other neighboring religions use supernatural means, such as contacting the spirit world to talk to dead people. They would go to fortune tellers to get guidance. The Israelite’s were to replace these evil practices with worship of the one true God.
Verses 10-13 – Today people are still curious and fascinated with the occult. These desires come from wanting to control the future. This wickedness comes from Satan not God. Remember, Satan is a liar. Do you think God’s opinion of these practices have changed today?
Verses 21, 22 – Some people today claim to have a message from God, but we have to be cautious before saying they are God’s spokesperson. We ask these questions to see if they are who they say they are; (1) do their prophecies come true, (2) do they contradict the word of God? God never contradicts Himself.

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