Deuteronomy – Chapter 24

Chapter 24
Verses 1-4 – The issue seems to be that marriage to a second husband was a form of adultery. This restriction was to prevent casual remarriage after a frivolous separation. The intention was to make people think twice before divorcing.
Verse 5 – The purpose of the newly married man not having the burden of going to war or any excessive business, was to allow the new couple to build their relationship. Just as a seed is planted in a pot, let it take root, and then plant it in a garden.
Verse 6 – No security could be taken that pertained to mans livelihood.
Verses 14, 15 – All through the Old Testament God told His people to treat the poor with justice. God did not permit the Israelite’s to insist on profits or quick payment from those who were less fortunate. None of us is completely isolated from the poor. God wants us to treat them fairly and do our part to see that their needs are met.
Verses 19-21 – Time and again God shows us through His word that “He is the provider.” God provided a way for the widows and foreigners to glean in the fields of the wealthy. Ruth obtained food for her and Naomi by gleaning behind the reapers in Boaz’s field (Ruth 2:2). Because this law was being obeyed years later, Ruth, a woman in Christ’s lineage didn’t parish of starvation (Ruth 2:15-18).

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