Joshua – Chapter 3

Joshua chapter 3
Verse 2 – Don’t forget there are over 2 million Israelite’s by now, so it took 3 days for the officers to get word to everyone that they were moving out.
Verse 3 – They were to wait for the Levi Priest to go past with the Ark of the Covenant and keep a distance of 1,000 yards behind it. The Ark represented the presence of God going before them.
Verse 4 – Any time you set out in a new direction, just remember our Lord was there first preparing the way.
Verse 5 – Consecration and sanctification was an outward cleansing illustration to man’s being not right with God on the inside. This would come about because of defilement, as in eating certain unclean foods, childbirth, touching dead people, disease, or sin.
Verse 9 – This was Joshua’s first speech to the Israelite’s. Now God was speaking through Joshua to the Israelites. When you take time to sincerely listen to what God has to say at the beginning of the day, it just might save you some heartache later on.
Verse 10 – In Genesis 15:16, we see that God calls the people living in Canaan wicked. The only way to prevent Israel from being infected of their evil religion was to drive them out of the Promise Land.
Verses 13, 14 – The Jordan was at flood stage at this time because it was after the winter rains during barley harvest. It could reach 100 feet in width and 10 feet deep. I’m sure there was swift movement of this river also. The Priest would step out first with the Ark. Often God will provide no solution to our problems until we begin to trust Him and move forward in what we know to do.
Verses 15, 16 – The Israelite’s entered the Jordan at the springtime flood stage. God heaped the water far off from His people. They crossed over the Jordan on dry ground. God showed His great power in His timing for His purpose for His beloved people. God’s supernatural power served to build hope in God and to give the Israelite’s a great reputation with their enemies.

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