Joshua – Chapter 4

Joshua chapter 4
Verses 1-9 – The Israelite’s did not jus rush across the Jordan and begin fighting. God was giving them direction to set a memorial up of this event in stone. The 12 leaders of the tribes of Israel took 12 stones from the river and carried them across. Then Joshua took 12 stones and placed them where the priest had stood with the Ark of the Covenant. We get too busy in our lives to stop and take time to meditate on the goodness of God, but God wants life to be more than that hustle and bustle for our lives. If you will take the time out of every day to reflect on all that the Lord has done in your life, you will have a lifetime of peace.
Verse 14 – Although Israel was not a world power at that time, Joshua’s reputation for handling his responsibilities God’s way brought him greater glory than if he had been just a super-hero in war. Doing right is more important than doing well.
Verse 18 – Sometimes when I watch these Biblical stories on the “History” Channel, I get so frustrated because they don’t stick to what the bible says. I trust what the scripture says took place in the events and stories that are listed to be true. Scripture says that as soon as – when the priest feet touched dry land, the waters returned and flowed over the banks as before! This was not some creek bed that had dried up as some say.
Verse 19 – Gilgal – (circle of stones or rolling). This is the name of several OT places, the most important being Israel’s base of operations after the crossing of Jordan into Canaan.
Verses 21-24 – These 12 stones were to be a constant reminder of the day that the Israelite’s crossed the Jordan River on dry ground. Their children would see these stones and learn about God in the retailing of stories about God’s faithfulness keeping them alive within our families.

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