Joshua – Chapter 5

Joshua chapter 5
The Canaanites Fear Israel
Verse 1 – The Amorites and Canaanites were the two major groups living in Canaan. The Canaanites worshiped many gods but their favorite was Baal. Sad to say the Israelite’s turned to Baal several times after entering Canaan. Worshiping these false gods’s brought down the Israelite’s. The tables are turned now; the Israelite’s spent 39 years in the desert because they were terrified of the Canaanites, now the Canaanites were terrified of them. Let’s not ever underestimate God that He can make our opposition disappear. God can and does cause the attitudes to change from those who oppose His will.
Verses 2, 3 – Only Israel used circumcision as a sign to a covenant with God. Others circumcised to show entering into adulthood. A reference to once again, means that many men of this generation had not been circumcised.
Verse 9 – Gilgal was Israel’s camp and their temporary center of government and worship, while their invasion of Canaan took place. Gilgal also was the place where king, Saul was crowned (1 Samuel 11:14, 15).
Verse 10 – This is where Israel celebrated Passover for the first time in the new land.
Verses 11, 12 – The day after Passover the Israelite’s ate the produce of the land, no more manna. God had provided food for the Israelite’s 40 years while wandering in the desert and here again provides food from the land He had given them. Sometimes we pray for things that are well within our reach and we just don’t see it. Ask God for wisdom, energy, and motivation to see what He has provided.
The Commander of the Lord Appears
Verses 13-15 – Can you imagine, having so much courage, because you know God is on your side, that you would walk up to a man with a sword drawn and ask who’s side he is on? I imagine this high-ranking angle was no small man either. He must have been very threatening looking, but Joshua walked right up to him. Then the angle answered and said, “I’m the Commander of the Lord’s army!” People like to boast that they have seen angles, but I sincerely think it would majorly unsettle them for a good while if they truly have seen an angle. Joshua showed respect for God and this angle by removing his shoes. How can we today show respect for our God; by our attitude and actions. Is our attitude right towards God and others? Is our actions right in front and behind others? Some still take their shoes off when entering someone’s home out of respect for the homeowner to this day.

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