Joshua – Chapter 10

Victory over the Amorites
Verses 5-8 – Fear of something or someone will cause us to hate it. These five kings were in fear of the Israelites so they wanted to destroy them. They knew the Gibeonites had made peace with them so they needed to destroy them also. Joshua was quick to respond to the Gibeonites cry for help even though they had deceived him. How quick are we to respond in help to someone who may have deceived us?
Verses 9, 10 – Joshua and his men marched all night. Would not they have been too tired to fight? God said He directed the enemy right into the path of the Israelites. This is one of our God’s greatest tactics, which is to cause the enemy to be confused and not realize they are trapped until it’s too late, and then they were on the run in retreat.
Verse 11 – By God using hailstones to wipe out Israel’s enemies, He showed others that God was sovereign overall, even nature.
Verses 12-14 – Joshua knew that he needed more daylight to completely defeat the Amorites. Therefore, Joshua asked God for a big miracle. Joshua knew the maker of heaven and earth could stop the sun from going down and He did. We hesitate too often to ask God for the big things in our lives. When we get the confidence that Joshua had in his day, we will see how it’s not beyond God’s capability to do the impossible!
Verse 13 – The Book of Jasher, also mentioned in 2 Samuel 1:18, was probably a collection of historical events.
Verse 19 – There were a few that escaped. The five kings ran and hid in a cave, but Joshua’s men rolled a huge stone in front of the cave entrance. Then they discovered a few more were headed towards the surrounding cities.
Verse 24 – Placing the foot on the neck of those captive was a common practice domination of their captives. These 5 kings had boasted against Israel.
Verse 25 – The same God, who empowered Joshua, will and does help us as the All Mighty Provider into all victory. Reminding ourselves this will give us courage for the challenges that lie ahead in our lives.
Verse 32 – Notice, after every battle and victory, scripture gives all the credit to the Lord. When you’re tempted after a big success in your life to take the credit, don’t forget who deserves the true credit. We can’t do anything without our Jesus on our side. He is the One who fights our battles.
Verses 4-43 – Joshua took full authority and leadership in destroying the wickedness in the Land. He was quick and swift to follow all God’s instructions. Sometimes our victories are delayed because either we don’t understand or we choose to ignore how important obedience is.

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