Joshua – Chapter 11

chapter 11
The Conquest of Northern Canaan
Verses 1-5 – Apparently there were two kings named Jabin of Hazor. The other weaker king is mentioned in Judges 4:2, 3. The Jabin of this story however was quit powerful. He was able to get the alliance of dozens of kings to fight against Israel with him.
Verses 6-9 – The attack began south at the Sea of Galilee and went westward and north to Sidon before turning eastward to Misrephoth-maim, where it turned south along the Valley of Mizpah. Twice the scripture records how Israel struck them down as if to emphasize the complete success of the mission.
Verses 10-13 – Israel kept the captured cities intact, which Moses predicted in Deuteronomy 6:10-12, that Israel would live in cities they didn’t build. Hazor however was burned and all the men put to the sword. Hazor represented the wicked culture that Israel had come to destroy.
Verse 15 – Joshua carefully obeyed all the instructions given by God. We can’t always control what others do to us or how they treat us, but we can make the choice of following God’s standards and principles.
Verse 18 – It seems that the Israelites took all this land quickly, but in reality, it took 7 years. Just as our journey through life where victories are concerned, can take longer than we expected. It’s a process that happens over time. God is working out every part on our behalf. When you feel like giving up, know that God is working it all out for your good. Sometimes you won’t see this until it’s over.
Verse 19 – The Hivites, inhabitants of Gibeon were the only ones who made peace with the children of Israel. All the others went to war against them.
Verses 21, 22 – The Anakites were the tribes of the giants that the Israelite spies described when they gave their negative report on the Promised Land (Numbers 13, 14). Only the Anakim in Gaza, Gath, and Ashod were left. This is where Goliath of the Philistines was from in 1 Samuel 17:4, Gath).
Verse 23 – Now the land became the inheritance for the children of Israel. They went from battles to living in the Promised Land without war for a time.

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