Joshua – Chapter 23

chapter 23
Verses 6-13 – Joshua knew the weak spots of the people. Before dying, he called the people together and gave commands to help them where they were most likely to slip. Whom we associate with and the relationships we have can also attempt to tempt us in our weak spots. Joshua’s entire instruction can be summarized in verse 8; “Hold fast to the Lord your God!” Joshua had been a living example of those words, and he wanted that to be his legacy. What will your legacy be to those you leave after you’re gone?
Verse s 12-16 – This chilling prediction about the consequences of intermarriage with the Canaanite nations eventually became a reality. The Book of Judges shows story after story of how Israel suffered because they did not follow God wholeheartedly. Our God was patient with Israel just as He is today with us as believers. However, let’s not confuse His patience with approval. Beware of desiring to have things your own way. You may just get it and have to suffer the consequences.

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