Joshua – Chapter 24

chapter 24
Verse 15 – This verse holds two very famous quotes: “…chose you this day whom you will serve…” “But as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” The choice is yours (ours). Will you be led by the Spirit? The way we choose to live our lives will show others to whom we serve.
Verses 16-18, 21 – All the people boldly claimed that they would never forsake the Lord but, they didn’t keep that promise. That old saying, “Talk is cheap,” will come to pass soon enough. It’s easy to say we will follow God without compromise, but it’s much more important to live like it. Yet the people of Israel followed God throughout Joshua’s lifetime, which was a great tribute to Joshua’s faith in God and powerful leadership.
Verse 23 – To follow God requires destroying and putting away, completely out of your life anything that gets in the way of hindering your worship of God. Just to mention a few: greed, wrong priorities, jealousy, and prejudices.
Verses 24-26 – The purpose of the covenant between Israel and God was for Israel to become a holy nation that would influence the rest of the world for God. The conquest of Canaan was a means to accomplish that purpose, but Israel became preoccupied with the land and forgot about the Lord God. Does this sound familiar? Our purpose cannot be the facility we worship in or the stuff (things ) God has blessed us with. Our purpose has to always be, bringing people to Christ.
Verses 29-31 – The response of the whole nation during these years is a tribute to both Joshua’s leadership and to the God he faithfully served.
Verse 33 – Joshua and Eleazar (Aaron’s son) had died but not before laying before the people, the fundamentals of what it means to have faith in God. This covenant requires us to renounce the principles and practices of the culture around us that are hostile to Gods plan. This is to be done by binding ourselves together with others who have faith in God. There is power in numbers.

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