Judges – Chapter 6

Judges chapter 6
Verse 2 – The Midianites were desert people. They descended from Abraham’s second wife, Keturah (Genesis 25:1, 2). This nation was always in conflict with Israel.
Verse 6 – Turning to God shouldn’t be a last resort. This isn’t to say that life is always going to be easy. There will be struggles, but God will give us the strength to live through them.
Verse 11 – The angel mentioned here, appears to be separate from God in one place (6:12) and yet the same as God in another place (6:14).In either case, God sent a special messenger to deliver an important message to Gideon.
Verse 13 – Have you ever asked God, “Why is this happening?” Sure, you have. What Gideon didn’t acknowledge was the fact that the people had brought calamity upon themselves when they decided to disobey and neglect God. In a lot of situations, we have a tendency to not take accountability for our own actions. We blame either God or others for the bad things that happen to us. This reaction will not solve our problems. This attitude may even lead to rebellion and backsliding. When problems come, the first place to look is within, but don’t spend days beating yourself up. Admit it to God and He will help you to go forward.
Verses 14-16 – In spite of God’s clear promise to be with him, Gideon still mad excuses. Sometimes we only look at our limitations and weaknesses and forget that God will supply everything we need to accomplish what God has purposed.
Verses 22, 23 – The Israelites believed that no one could see God and live (Exodus 33:20).Evidently Gideon thought this also applied to angels.
Verses 25-30 – After God called Gideon to be Israel’s deliverer, He immediately asked him to tear down the altar of the pagan god. Gideon took a great risk by following God’s higher law. After Gideon tore down the townspeople’s altar, they wanted to kill him. Many of those people were fellow Israelites. This shows how immoral God’s people had become. When we start to accomplish something for God, the very people who once supported you may criticize you.
Verse 33 – Whoever controlled the Valley of Jezreel controlled the people who lived in and around it. Gideon’s men attacked the enemy armies from the hills, and the only escape route was through the pass toward the Jordan River.
Verses 37-39 – By what Gideon says to God, he just might have thought that God wouldn’t be pleased with what he was asking. But yet, Gideon demanded 2 miracles. It is true we need to gather the facts before making decisions, but Gideon still hesitated. He delayed obeying God because he wanted more proof. Demanding extra signs was an indication of unbelief. Fear will often make us wait for more conformation. Visible signs are unnecessary if they only confirm what we already know to be true. Today the greatest means of God’s guidance is His Word, the Bible. If you want more of God’s guidance study the Bible (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).
Verse 39 – “Putting out fleeces” is a poor decision-making method. When we do this, it puts limitations on God. We would be asking God to fit into our expectations. This action will not make us more confident in our decisions.
Verse 40 – “But God” did what Gideon asked.

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