Judges – Chapter 7

Judges chapter 7
Verse 2 – Self-sufficiency is often the cause of our failures. God gives us an assignment and then we assume we are able to do it in our own strength. This is when we will become frustrated because it’s not working. God prevented Gideon’s soldiers from having this attitude. God reduced their number from 32,000 to 300. With an army this small, there could be no doubt that victory was from God. We can be confident of victory only if we put our confidence in God’s strength, not ours.
Verses 10, 11 – God understands our fear, but does not excuse it. Instead, He allowed Gideon to slip into the enemy’s camp and overhear a conversation that gave Gideon courage. Don’t be startled how God helps you. His ways to open doors for answers is always better.
Verse 13 – Barley grain was only half the value of wheat, and the bread made from it inferior. In the same way, Israel’s tiny band of men were considered inferior to the vast forces of Midian and Amalek.
Verse 19 – The night was divided equally into three watches. The beginning of the middle watch would have been around 10:00 p.m. Many in the camp could have still been awake.
Verse 21 – Gideon’s army watched as the army of Midian fell into panic, confusion, and disordered retreat. Not one man had to draw his sword. God demonstrated to Israel that victory depends on obedience and commitment to Him.

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