Judges – Chapter 19

Judges chapter 19
Verse 1 – Having a concubine was accepted in Israel’s society although this was not what God intended (Genesis 2:24). A concubine had the duties and privileges of a wife but her children had no inheritance rights. Her primary purpose was bearing additional children and contributing to the household or estate.
Verse 24 – The rape and abuse of a daughter and companion were preferable to the possibility of a conflict between a guest and a neighbor. These two men were selfish. They didn’t want to get hurt themselves; they lacked courage; they didn’t want to face a conflict even when lives were at stake; and they disobeyed God’s law because they allowed deliberate abuse and murder.
Verses 29, 30 – Saul used a similar method in 1 Samuel 11:7. Ironically, the man who alerted Israel to the murder of his concubine was just as guilty for her death as the men who actually killed her.
Verse 30 – Sexual perversion and lawlessness were by-products of Israel’s disobedience to God. The Israelites weren’t willing to speak up until events had gone too far. Whenever we get away from God and His Word, all sorts of evil can follow. Drifting in the opposite direction often starts out slowly with little neglects. When people drift too far from God, they will forget their purpose, and soon “do as they see fit.” When you leave God out of your life, you may be shocked at what you are capable of doing. However, God is waiting for all to come to Him, with open arms for the forgiveness of sin.

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