Judges – Chapter 20

judges chapter 20
War Between Israel and Benjamin
Verse 1 – Dan was the northernmost city in Israel, and Beersheba, the southernmost. The two were often mentioned together as a reference to the entire nation.
Verse 13 – By covering for their Kinsmen, the entire tribe of Benjamin sank to a level of immorality as low as the criminals. The time of Judges ends in a bloody civil war that sets the stage for the spiritual renewal to come under Samuel.
Verses 27, 28 – This is the only place in Judges where the Ark of the Covenant is mentioned.
Verses 46-48 – This crime of rape and murder should have been dealt with inside this community and brought the criminals to justice. Instead, first the town and then the entire tribe defended this wickedness, even going to war over it.
Verse 48 – The tribe of Benjamin eventually recovered from this slaughter. Saul, Israel’s first king was from this tribe (1 Samuel 9:21); so was Queen Esther (Esther 2:5-7) and the apostle Paul (Romans 11:1). This tribe though, was always known for being smaller than the other tribes (as in Psalm 68:27).

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