Ruth – Chapter 2

Ruth chapter 2
Boaz Meets Ruth
Verses 2, 3 – When the wheat and barley were ready to be harvested, reapers were hired to cut down the stalks. Israelite law demanded that the corners of the fields not be harvested. In addition, any grain that was dropped was to be left for the poor. This was called gleaning). This law served as a type of welfare program and a means for a widow to be provided for. When Ruth went out to the fields, God provided for her.
Verse 7 – Ruth’s task, though menial, tiring, and slightly degrading, was done faithfully. Sometimes, as in Ruth’s case, it may be a test of character that can open up new doors of opportunity.
Verses 10-12 – Ruth’s life exhibited admirable qualities: hard-working, loving, kind, faithful, and brave. These qualities gained her a good reputation, but only because she displayed them consistently in all areas of her life. The people who watch us at work, at home and in church, form our reputation. A good reputation comes by consistently living out the qualities you believe in – no matter who we are around.
Verses 15, 16 – Boaz did more than the minimum. He went far beyond the gleaners’ law. Out of his abundance, he provided for the needy.
Verses 19, 20 – We may feel bitter about a situation, but don’t despair. Today is always a new opportunity for experiencing God’s care. Everywhere Ruth was guided to go, was not a coincidence. Events do not occur by luck or coincidence in our lives. God is directing our lives for His divine purpose.

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