1 Samuel – Chapter 25

1 Samuel chapter 25

Verse 1 – Saul was king, but Samuel had been the nation’s spiritual leader. With Samuel gone, Israel would be without this spiritual leadership until David became king.

Verses 7, 8 – David reminded Nabal of a time when he and his men provided protection for Nabal’s livestock. David now asked Nabal to return the favor and provide him and his men with whatever supplies that he asked for.

Verses 10, 11 – Nabal’s response was arrogant and insulting. He insinuated that David was no better than a run-away slave was.

Verse 14 – One of Nabal’s young men realized the folly of Nabal’s action and told Abigail, Nabal’s wife, about her husband’s offense.

Verse 17 – Abigail must have been use to dealing with situations like this before because Nabal was referred to as a “worthless fool.”

Verses 19, 20 – Since Abigail had to descend through a mountain pass hidden from view, she may have thought it all the more important to let David know she was coming.

Verses 21, 22 – David was so disgusted with Nabal that he called him “this man.”

Verse 23 – Abigail bowed to David, treating him as superior and humbling herself before him. Ironically, David had earlier humbled himself before Nabal (verse 8).

Verse 24 – If David had not listened to Abigail, he would have been guilty of taking vengeance into his own hand.

Verse 31 – Abigail didn’t want David to suffer remorse or a troubled conscience after he became king because of slaughtering Nabal’s household needlessly.

Verses 32-35 – David confirmed Abigail’s role as God’s instrument of deliverance for her husband’s and her household.

Verse 36 – Because Nabal was drunk, Abigail waited until morning to tell him what she had done. When discussing difficult matters with people, especially, family members, timing is everything. Ask God for wisdom to know the best time for confrontation and for bringing up touchy subjects.

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