1 Samuel – Chapter 26

1 samuel chapter 26

David Saves Saul’s Life Again

Verse 3 – If Saul were on the hill Hachilah, it would mean he had chosen high ground for his camp, which provided him better protection.

Verses 5-9 – In the heat of emotion, Abishai wanted to kill Saul, but David restrained him. Abishai may have disagreed with David, but he also respected the one in authority over him. Eventually he became the greatest warrior in David’s army. The strongest moral decisions are the ones we make before temptation strikes. To be like David and follow God, we must realize that we can’t do wrong in order to execute justice. Even when our closest friends counsel us to do something that seems right, we must always put God’s standards first. Determining not to do wrong, David left Saul’s destiny in God’s hands.

Verse 12 – This deep sleep from the Lord was His specific intervention so He could teach Saul a further lesson about David’s loyalty.

Verses 15, 16 – David could have killed Saul and Abner, but he would have disobeyed God and set into motion unknown consequences. Instead, David made the point that he had great respect for both God and God’s anointed king.

Verse 21 – Saul’s words sounded repentant, but Saul’s past actions raised serious doubts in David’s mind about their genuineness.

Verse 22 – David’s suggestion that one of the young men of Saul retrieve the king’s spear was a tactful way of saying he was not returning with Saul.

Verse 25 – Saul had opportunities to kill David, but he never did. Why? First, every time David and Saul were face to face, David did something generous for Saul. The king did not want to respond to David’s kindness with cruelty in front of all his men. Second, David had a large following in Israel. Third, God had appointed David to become king of Israel and was protecting him.

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