1 Samuel – Chapter 27

1 Samuel chapter 27

David Joins with the Philistines

Verses 1-3 – For the second time, David sought refuge from Saul in Philistine territory (21:10-15). Now he had permission to live among them. Previously David had acted insane in front of this king. Evidently, Achish had forgotten that incident or he chose to ignore it. David further strengthened his position with Achish by leading Achish to believe that he was conducting raids on Israel and by pretending loyalty to the Philistines ruler.

Verse 4 – Saul finally stopped pursuing David because by David being out of the country, there was no immediate threat.

Verses 5-7 – Achish let David move to Ziklag, where he lived until Saul died (2 Samuel 2:1).

Verses 8, 9 – These three tribes that David attacked were known for the cruel treatment of innocent people. They attacked both Philistines and Israelites.

Verses 10-12 – When Achish asked David to go into battle against Israel, David agreed, once again pretending loyalty to the Philistines (28:1).

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