1 Samuel – Chapter 29

1 Samuel chapter 29

David Is Spared from Fighting Saul

Verse 1 – The text now flashes back to 28:1, 2, a time prior to the armies gathering at Shunem and Gilboa (28:4).

Verse 2 – David and his men joined Achish and the Philistine leaders as they prepared for battle.

Verse 3 – In response to the concerns of the Philistine commanders, Achish affirmed David’s loyalty to him during the considerable period of time (16 months, 27:7) that David had served him.

Verse 4 – The other Philistine commander knew that David was the one who, as a young man, had killed their champion, Goliath (17:32-54), had killed hundreds of Philistines soldiers (18:27), and was the hero of Israelite victory songs (21:11). They were afraid that, in the heat of the battle, David might turn against them.

Verse 6 – With his words, “as the Lord lives” Achish recognized the power of God in David’s life.

Verse 9 – Achish affirmed his faith in David, but he felt compelled to follow the counsel of his Philistine commanders.

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