1 Samuel – Chapter 30

1 Samuel chapter 30

Verse 1 – Ziklag was still under Philistine control. The Amalekites whom Saul should have destroyed (15:1-3) had raided the Negev and burned the city down.

Verse 5 – David’s two wives did not escape the Amalekites attack, so he shared personally in the grief that others experienced.

Verse 6 – Faced with the tragedy of losing their families, David’s soldiers turned against him. Instead of planning a rescue, they looked for someone to blame. But David found his strength in God and started looking for a solution. When we face problems, it doesn’t do any good to find fault or blame. Instead, look for a way to resolve the situation.

Verse 7 – David couldn’t go to the tabernacle to ask the Lord for guidance because it was Saul’s territory. Therefore, he called for the ephod to be brought to him, the only tabernacle-related object that David possessed.

Verses 11-15 – The Amalekites cruelly left this slave to die, but God used him to lead David and his men to the Amalekites camp. David and his men treated the young man kindly and he returned the kindness by leading them to the enemy. This is why we are to treat people with dignity no matter how significant they may seem. You never know how God will use them to help you.

Verses 24, 25 – David made a law that those who stayed with supplies were to be treated equally with those who fought in battle. In today’s ministry, we know that without the bookkeepers, secretaries, trainers, and administrators, those with a public ministry would not be able to do their jobs. We must realize that the jobs that are less glamorous or exciting are just as important to the entire body of believers.

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