2 Samuel – Chapter 7

2 Samuel chapter 7

David is Forbidden to Build God a House

This chapter records the covenant God made with David, promising to carry on David’s line forever. This promise would be fully realized in the birth of Jesus Christ. Although the word covenant is not specifically stated here, it is used elsewhere to describe this occasion (23:5; Psalm 89: 3, 4, 28, 34-37).

Verse 2 – This is the first time Nathan the prophet is mentioned. God made sure that a prophet was living during the reign of each of the kings of Israel. However, most of the kings rejected the prophets God sent. In earlier years, judges and priests had the role of prophets. Samuel served as judge, priest, and prophet, bridging the gap between the judges and the monarchy.

Verse 5 – In this message from Nathan, God told David that his job was to unify and lead Israel and destroy its enemies. This huge task would require David to shed a great deal of blood. In 1 Chronicles 28:3, we learn that God did not want His temple built by a warrior. Therefore, David made plans and collected the materials so that his son Solomon could begin work on the temple as soon as he became king (1Kings 5-7). Sometimes God says no to the plans we have made. When He does, we should utilize the other opportunities He gives us.

Verses 8-16 – God’s answer of no to David in him building His temple, was not a rejection of David. In fact, God was planning to do something even greater in David’s life than allowing him the prestige of building the temple. Although God turned down David’s request, he promised to continue the house (or dynasty) of David forever. When there is a “no,” from God in our plans, sometimes God is directing us to a greater purpose. His ways are better; His ways are perfect.

Verses 18-23 – These verses record David’s gratefulness and his humble acceptance that these blessings were not only for him but also for his descendants in order that Israel might benefit from them. Through the nation of Israel, the whole world would be blessed (Genesis 12:1-3).

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