2 Samuel – Chapter 8

2samuel chapter 8

Verses 1-8 – Part of God’s covenant with David included the promise that the Israelites’ enemies would be defeated and would no longer oppressed them. God fulfilled this promise by helping David defeat these opposing nations: (1) The Moabites, descendants from Lot. (2) King Hadadezer of Zobah. (3) The Edomites, descendants of Esau.

Verse 6 – 6 – The tribute was the tax levied on conquered nations. The tax helped to support Israel’s’ government and demonstrated that the conquered nation was under Israel’s control.

Verse 15 – David pleased the people not because he tried to please them, but because he pleased God. Don’t waste time striving to be accepted in the public’s eye, instead do what is right and pleasing to God and you will have the favor with people.

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