2 Samuel – Chapter 12


Verses 1-6 – As a prophet, Nathan was required to confront sin, even the sin of a king. It took confidence and wisdom to make David aware of his wrong actions. This was years later, and by then David had become so insensitive to his own sins that he didn’t realize he was the villain in Nathan’s story. The qualities we condemn in others are often our own character flaws.

Verses 7, 8 – God was speaking directly through Nathan. God told David that He had given him everything he could desire. In addition, if that had not been enough, He would have given him much more. We are not to become ungrateful, insolent, and insensitive to others after God has filled us to the brim with blessings. I’ve seen people receive exactly what they had been praying for, and then stop seeking God entirely. If we neglect the things of God in the little things, it won’t be long before we don’t acknowledge Him or His people at all.

Verses 9-14 – David had showed no regard to the Word of the Lord by his actions. Despise is a very strong word. Despise is another word for hate – total disregard for a person or object.

The predictions in these verses were true; (1)murder became a constant threat in his family; (2) his household rebelled against him; (3) his wives were given to another in public view (16:20-23); and (4) his first child with Bathsheba died.

During this time, David wrote Psalm 51, giving insight into his character and offering us hope as well. There is forgiveness for us. David wrote Psalm 32 to express the joy he felt after he was forgiven. Sometimes when God forgives us and restores us, all the consequences of our wrongdoing are not eliminated.

Verses 20-24 – David did not continue to dwell on his sin and neither should we. Later on, even the name of Solomon (Jedidiah, “loved by the Lord”; 12:25) was a reminder of God’s grace.

Verse 24 – Solomon was the fourth son of David and Bathsheba (1 Chronicles 3:5).

Verses 26-31 – During this time, Joab was still fighting and leading the armies of Israel, but he told David if he didn’t come, and lead and overtake this city, Joab would take the credit and name it after himself. In other words, “David get up and get going and get back to doing what you’re supposed to be doing.” Therefore, David gathered the people and returned to battle. He took the people of these cities and put them to work for his kingdom and then David returned to Jerusalem.

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