2 Samuel – Chapter 14

2Samuel chapter 14

Verses 1-3 – Joab devised a plan that would help heal the family and let David focus more on matters of the kingdom. Tekoa was seven miles southwest of Jerusalem. Joab thought it was far enough away that David wouldn’t recognize anyone from there.

Verses 7, 8 – If the town people attempted to execute the brother who had killed his brother, the heir to this woman’s family would be cut off from any inheritance. David assured this woman he would protect her son.

Verse 11 – The law provided a way to avenge murder. Numbers 35:9-12, records how cities of refuge protected people from revenge and how blood avengers were to pursue murderers. This woman was asking for the king’s protection against any claim against her.

Verse 13 – This woman drew a parallel between her situation and David’s.

Verse 14 – The woman also appealed to God’s grace and mercy with trying to restore the one banished.

Verses 18-21 – David suspected the woman had collaborated with a member of the royal family. When the woman confessed, David recognized Joab’s ploy.

Verse 24 – David gave Absalom permission to return to his own house but he didn’t want to see him. In other words, “Absalom, you can come home, but don’t come around here or the rest of your family.” This decision infuriated Absalom.

Deceit of Absalom

Verses 25-28 – Scripture gives a detailed description of Absalom’s appearance. He was very handsome, may have been what we would call today “striking.” His hair was cut every year, weighing five pounds. He gave the appearance of a leader. Absalom named his daughter Tamar after his sister. Perhaps to remind the people of what Amnon did to Tamar. This would make him feel justified in killing his brother. Can you imagine living in the same area for two years and never being able to see your father, the king? Anger was about to turn into rage.

Verse 30 – Absalom sent for Joab twice, but he didn’t come. What do immature spoiled children do when they are being ignored? They usually act up or do something bad to get attention, right? Absalom was going to take matters into his own hands as he did when he killed his brother. Therefore, he set Joab’s fields on fire to get his attention.

Verses 31-33 – Absalom got his way. Joab came to see him. Then went back to David and asked if Absalom could come to the king. Here’s where the real problem lies: David only made half-hearted efforts to correct his children. He didn’t punish Amnon for raping his sister Tamar or deal with Absalom for killing Amnon. When we ignore sin, we experience greater pain than if we had dealt with it immediately.

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