2 Samuel – Chapter 15

2 Samuel chapter 15

Verse 1 – By gathering chariots, horses, and men, Absalom was positioning himself to win the hearts of the people.

Verse 2 – The city gate was the place where business transactions took place.

Verse 3 – Absalom falsely sympathized with the people’s grievances to gain their trust.

Verses 5, 6 – Absalom prevented people from bowing to him, and greeted them with a kiss instead. Maybe this was to show they were equal with him.

Verse 7 – Three out of four Bibles that I use says after “40” years. One says “4” years, so I believe it was actually 40 long years that Absalom taunted and plotted against his father, David. Perhaps God gave Absalom 40 years to change.

Verse 9 – Absalom went to Hebron because it was his hometown (3:2, 3). Hebron was David’s first capital as well and there Absalom could expect to find loyal friends who would be proud of him.

Verse 14 – Is this the same David that slew Goliath? It takes courage to fight but it also takes courage to swallow pride and protect the innocent. If David had stayed and fought Absalom both could have possibly been killed. David didn’t want a great battle to take place in Jerusalem and it end up destroyed.

Verse 16 – This verse says that David intended to return because he left 10 concubines to keep his house.

Verses 17-21 – David had many loyal non-Israelites in his army. David’s integrity still garnered respect.

Verses 24-26 – The priest and Levites were also loyal to David. David determined that the ark of God properly belonged in Jerusalem, God’s city. It would be up to God either to restore David to his throne in Jerusalem or not. The king was content to leave the matter in God’s hands.

Verse 27 – David created a spy network that included Zadok, Abiathar, and their respective sons Ahimaaz and Jonathan.

Verse 29 – Absalom would probably assume that Zadok and Abiathar had stopped supporting David.

Verse 32 – Hushai would end up being the answer to David’s prayer.

Verse 37 – Hushai and Absalom arrived in Jerusalem at the same time.

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